More info about the project

Since the project will work in direction of emotional self-awareness,  we will enable the child (guided by his teachers) to learn about his own emotions and to control them, he will have the opportunity to explore information, think and create, use his body and mind, find a solution and better ways of communicating with adults and friends, both: who are close to him or far in Europe. The Master will be a trainer, but also a follower, partner and friend.

First of all, we intend to get to know all the countries and cities involved in the project by exchanging information about the territory, famous monuments, language, climate, food and culture in general. The children, assisted by their teachers, and parents from each country will prepare a presentation to give to other partners during the first meeting. The exchanged materials will be on display in the “Erasmus + “ corners, which will be prepared at every school and kindergarten.

The project will focus on activities related to sports, environmentally friendly lifestyles and art in all its forms. Through these activities, children can play, make up stories and debate on the characters’ behavior in these stories, express themselves better, follow the rules, practice healthy outdoor activities, learn to collaborate to achieve the same goal, to think and develop logical skills.

What results are expected during the project and on its completion?

             The level of key competences, knowledge and skills will be improved in terms of their educational functionality and their contribution to a cohesive and stable society, as well as to better inclusion in public life;

             New approaches will be generated to tackle social, ethnic and cultural diversity;

             Improved administrative and managerial capacity and professionalism to work and cooperate at European and international level, through enhanced cooperation with partners from other countries;

             Increased motivation and satisfaction with the daily work of teachers and working with children.

             Increased quality of education and training combined with motivation among children and students with higher levels of excellence;

             Improved provision of basic and universal skills, including social, civic and intercultural;

             New and wider forms of transnational cooperation between public organizations in the fields of education will be acquired.

             An innovative image of the institutions based on the European criteria will be built

             Increased knowledge of the main focus of the project including, children, families, local authorities, regional media,

             Involvement of different organizations in the project activities.

             The partnership will produce a number of end products for sharing with others and will develop the skills, key competences and entrepreneurship of children and teachers, and will engage local communities in the process of their creation, implementation and dissemination:

– Certificates from the meeting and training

– Song of the project

– General project evaluation studies

– International blog / project website

– Project logo

– «Emotion Box»

– Books about emotions

– Vocabulary of emotions

– Multimedia presentations of partner schools

– Reports of transnational meetings and short-term joint teacher training

– Photos

– DVD with “A Tale Without Words”

– Calendar of emotions