The Organisation is a non profit Non-governmental organisation in the education field. All the founder members are specialist or have master degree about their field and all are teachers or managers at public schools. The assosiation members do researches, plannings, organizings and produce projects about education and  implement these to their schools and reach many children and parent in the same time.

There are 3 public, 2 private kindergarten and a preschool class in primary school have agreement for cooperating with the assosiation. In total there are 48 preschool teachers, 5 studet advisor, 27 other staff, 16 trainee and 650 children between the ages 3-6 in these schools. These schools are Melahat Kıvanç Anaokulu, İncirliova Anaokulu, İncirliova Zübeyde Hanım Anaokulu, Yeni Nesil and Adabilgi nursery schools.

The assosiation is in close relationship with three Primary Schools two in Kuşadası and one in Incirliova City. There are three secondary schools two in Germencik and one in Güzelçamlı, two high schools one in Kuşadası an academik highschool and one Vocational high school in Germencik. The cooperation and relation  with these schools are via the teachers and  principles who are members of the assosiation.

There are majority Turkish but also Roma, Kurdish, and many children from European countries. Some children have parents one from abroad and are multilingual. The schools give integration education to children with special needs in supporting rooms.

The schools run Turkish curriculum which aims to reach the goals appropriate to the children ages using multi intelligence theory, whole day or half day programme according the parents wish. Besides these schools have clubs where the children can have foreign language, chess, folk dance, drama, mind games, handcraft, robotic, coding and STEM works

The goals of the assosiation are, to support all children and their families whatever the cause is they are disadvantaged or cannot benefit from the education process fully; to learn and give the chance to the teachers in our environment to learn innovative and different education models; to make the schools where we work pilot organisations on these fields and use them as laboratories; to be leader in providing 21st Century skills. The assosiation is open to all education society and stakeholders. It is the bridge between the Universities, the teachers and the students. It manages activities to bring together University academicians and teachers with the support of Development Agencies and Local Authorities. The assosiation participates in Conferences, Panels and Educational Workshops. Locally it runs various projects about education.