Romania, “Raza de Soare”  kindergarten 

Raza de Soare”  kindergarten  from  Targoviste is a public kindergarten.It capacity is 380 seats, distributed in 13 groups: 10 in the traditional program, 3 in the “step by step” alterative. It is an application kindergarten for the National College “Constantin Cantacuzino”, where future kindergarten teachers and school instructors are trained.

Under the motto “For you, child, all that is best” “Raza de Soare” kindergarten in Targoviste aims at becoming a “kindergarten open for all” by creating an appropriate socio- educational climate for quality training at the European level, a democratic environment and creative development for all and for everyone.

The mission of “Raza de Soare” Kindergarten is to create an ideal space for the most beautiful and happiest childhood for the adult of tomorrow “Raza de Soare” Kindergarten is: a place where childhood  is more beautiful and happier for each child, thus contributing to their education and training and a  reliable partner for every family in the process of educating children to their training and preparation for  school. There is a need for a better orientation and understanding of the diversity of children, their needs of knowledge, the difficulties encountered by them and their families in various situations. In this respect, we will cultivate a positive attitude towards the community and European values, to offer equal chances to inclusive quality education, thus helping to prevent school dropout at an early age.

The teaching staff includes: principal, 28 preschools teachers, a headteacher, a psychologist, a speech therapist , all of them having  good training and very concern for their own professional development: higher education all teachers, trainers, parental education trainers,mentors, methodists, experts in educational management, responsibles for teaching circles

The administrative and care staff is composed of 22 individuals: accountant, administrator, cooks, maintenance worker, kindergarten maids, laundresses. The medical care is provided by four nurses.

The Kindergarten groups have: spacious rooms, furnished in accordance with areas of interest:Science, Building Games,Board and manipulative games,Library, literacy, Role playing,Sand and water, lunch room and bathroom for each group of children.