Prywatne Przedszkole „Akademia Maluchów” w Opalenicy (Private Kindergarten Akademia Maluchów)

Private Kindergarten Akademia Maluchów is located in a small town of about 9,000 thousand. residents. There are not enough jobs in the city. Most of the inhabitants commute to Poznań, 40 km away. They attend children aged 2,5 to 6 years (from Poland, Ukraine, Italy). 7 teachers work. Children stay in kindergarten from 6.30 to 17.00. Most parents work, they have little time to deal with children. Children from single-parent families – the mother raises herself. In kindergarten there are children with educational and psychological problems, a large group with speech impairments. There are obligatory and additional classes: speech therapy, corrective gymnastics, English, religion, rhythm. Teachers conduct individual classes with children. We want to meet friends between people, children and adults from different countries contributed to dialogue, increased understanding, tolerance and peace. We want to arouse the need to have friends on every continent and inevery region. We want children, parents and teachers to go beyond the circle of close friends – from kindergarten, neighborhood, social group. Teachers are comprehensively educated and prepared to work with various children – talented, with health, psychological, educational and social problems. The parents and grandparents of the children are very happy to implement the projects. The kindergarten works very well with a cultural center, library, other educational institutions and local authorities.