Bulgaria, 17”Slaveiche”kindergarten,Kazkanlak

Kazanlak is located in the middle of Bulgaria. He is a town with great cultural history. Kindergarten “Slaveiche” has a tradition of educating children from 2 to 7 years old. Our kindergarten is an institution of public education. We prepare children for school. We have 176 children of different social status and ethnic groups/ Bulgarians,turks,roma,karakachans/ In the garden are 14 teachers, 15 support staff , speech teraphist,psychologist and a headmistress. We have a 3 nurses in both buildings who cares for the health and nutrition of children. Our children are full-time training. They study Bulgarian language and literature, mathematics, physical education, music, orientation in nature,arts. Our children participate in the club folk dancing, football team,taekwondo,yoga and also learn English. We  involve our families   in every moment of the life in kindergarten. This is done through workshops, commissions, family meetings and festivities. We done four Erasmus plus projects until this moment.